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ALL MONEY goes directly to the team’s charity of choice

Who We Are

The Greeley Smokeoff is a non-profit charity event run solely by volunteers. We are supported by the generous donations of local individuals and businesses and BBQ team entry fees. We provide a quality BBQ competion as well as entertainment for the entire region. We award over $3000.00 in prize money, ribbons and plaques to the team winners. Our BBQ teams raise monies for local charities. The competition is open to professionals and amateurs. Contact us if you would like to be a competitive team. And remember to book your motel or RV site early! See our FB page for local resources.


How our sponsors keep the Greeley Smokeoff a great community tradition!


Your Sponsor dollars go directly to the operation of the event. Our expenses include, but are not limited to, band fees, tent rental, port-a-potty rental, childrens games, advertising, printing, event liability insurance, park cleaning and supplies provided to the BBQ teams. If you are interested in being a Sponsor, please contact us for package details.


How You Can Help Our Charities


BBQ’d meats and sides are available for sampling at each Team booth during the hours listed above. Buckets are labeled with the charity the team has designated. Remember, your thoughtfulness WILL make a world of difference to those who benefit.


A Few Charities You Have Helped

  • Autism Society, The Heartland
  • Big Brothers & Big Sisters of An. Co.
  • Boy Scouts of America
  • The Greeley Fire Department
  • Greeley Knights of Columbus
  • Holy Trinity
  • Methodist Church
  • Missionettes
  • Red Cross
  • St. John’s Church
  • St. Rose School
  • Town & Country Club (Greeley Summer Baseball/SoftballProgram)
  • VFW
  • W.I.N.G.S.


In Their Words


"The Smokeoff has meant so much to our department. It has afforded us the greater ability to connect with the community and without the donations received from the Smokeoff throughout the years and the generosity of our community, we would not have been able to assist Anderson County in building the fire station and we would not have some of the resources, equipment and supplies that we currently have available to us." ~Margie Bowman


KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS - Host of the Larry Schaffer Memorial Softball Tournament

"We are proud to have the Greeley Smokeoff as our sister event in September. We look forward to continuing our efforts of supporting all of our local charities." ~George Miller


"With the donations W.I.N.G.S. receives from the Greeley Smokeoff, we pay it forward by getting gas cards for people in need so that they can get to their medical appointments." ~Michelle Hermreck

The MISSIONETTES: a Christian Girl Scouts group from the Life Assembly of God Church in Garnett.

“Donations from the Greeley Smokeoff have allowed our less fortunate children to go to camp each year. We are so grateful!” ~Pamela McSwane

Greeley Smokeoff

For more information:
Kenny Katzer at (785)448-4197
or Eric Lickteig at (785) 229-2254

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